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Body Massage

Custom Massage

We will create the perfect massage session just for you! Select from the options below to add to your session at no additional cost.

  • Swedish or Deep Tissue

  • Hot Stone OR Medi-Cupping

  • Facial Cupping

  • Jade Comb Scalp Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Shea Butter Foot Massage

Pouring Massage Oil

Classic Massage

This traditional massage is for those looking for Swedish or Deep Tissue only.  Select from medium or deep pressure to work out any knots, trigger points, or painful areas.  

Foot Massage

Target Massage

This 30 minute session will focus on one area of the body only.  Most common areas are back/neck/shoulders, legs/feet, arms/hands.

Head Massage

Facial Cupping & Jade Comb Treatment

Facial cupping helps eliminate the buildups of wastes and fluids from the face and neck.  By opening the drainage pathways of the face and neck, you can reduce puffiness and help relieve sinus pressure.  The jade comb enhances circulation, reduced tension, and helps in growing healthier hair.  

Cupping Therapy

Full Body Cupping

This session uses VacuTherapy cups to help lift and separate tissues allowing toxins, old blood, and other cellular debris  to be flushed from the tissues.  We will use a combination of hands on techniques and cups to work with the lymphatic system to help flush everything through the body.  This is the perfect treatment for weekend warriors, athletes, or to detoxify.  Note, this treatment is not suitable for your first time with cups or lymphatic drainage.  

For any questions on services please check out the FAQ page.  If you have any additional questions please call or email before booking!
(704) 565-6568

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